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Daily self-care habits that will transform your way of thinking

habits self-care Jan 09, 2022

I support business owners in achieving the success they desire (whatever that looks like) in life. It’s often a bumpy ride as we uncover limiting self-beliefs and work through challenges to find a more accessible, quicker and more creative way to realising goals.


I am successful with all my clients, and I’m confident enough to say so – but I didn’t used to be. I used to put the needs of others before my own and wouldn’t speak up or stand up to people in confrontational situations. I used to be a doormat and it wasn’t enjoyable.


Through my own experience and deep learning in finding my purpose in life and passion for business, I’m sharing weekly blog articles around how to transform your way of thinking like a business owner.


Daily self-care habits that will transform your thinking

I began this blog with a nutshell overview of my journey, mainly to point out that I am a  life enhancement guide, coach & mentor for business owners. What I want to cover in this blog is different from my usual advice around business focus and personal empowerment. This week I want to share essential self-care habits concentrating on looking after your physical health and wellbeing.


When we become busy with work, pandering to clients’ needs and running around after partners, kids and furry friends, we can forget about the importance of nourishment and exercise for ourselves. Eating healthily, hydrating and exercising provides the all-encompassing energy needed for life. Not just to function but to truly live life!

Here’s what I do every day to boost my energy levels, feel alive and gain clarity. It drives me forward and without it, I feel sluggish and low – and who wants that?

  • Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon – it’s fantastic for cleansing the mouth and digestive system after sleeping, as well as detoxing your body
  • If you have a juicer, try a fresh celery juice! It’s a potent source of nutrients with significant healing effects (recommend by the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams)
  • Take quality supplements but check what you need first by having a blood test (via your GP or a 3rdparty) – I use Thriva and have regular tests to check my health
  • Aim to move your body for at least 20-minutes every day vigorously – start small and increase your activity over time - I use Les Mills and it’s brilliant
  • Always keep a bottle of water with you and take regular sips. If you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated
  • Try yoga for at least 15 minutes a day to help with flexibility and conditioning (I find a multitude of options on YouTube to mix it up)


I mentioned taking supplements in the list above. I strongly recommend consulting a specialist doctor or nutritionist because most GPs will not have in-depth knowledge.

Busy business owners don’t generally visit the doctor, anyway, having an attitude of ‘let’s get on with it’ or ‘I don’t have time to be ill’. The online organisation Thriva is excellent for busy business owners because all tests are carried out at home and correspondence is by post. You simply prick your finger for a blood sample and return it for analysing – effective and time-saving!


How do you maintain your health and wellbeing? I’d love to know – connect with me below to share your thoughts.