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How To Know You Are Living In Your Truth

flow Feb 10, 2023


Are you living in your truth?

It's a question we should all ask ourselves regularly. After all, if we're not living in our truth, then who are we living for? It's not always easy to know if we're living in our truth. But there are some tell tale signs...


Define what your truth is

Discovering and defining your truth is an ongoing journey of self-discovery. (It's one I have been learning to approach with understanding and compassion for myself.) Your truth is constantly evolving and it is deeply personal to you. No matter how much you learn about yourself, the universe or life itself, it's your own perception, insight and interpretation of your reality that truly matters. As a result, you can authentically connect to yourself and interpret your life differently based on the knowledge you gain from each experience. Your truth provides you with the freedom to express who you are at any given time without expectations or judgment from others.


How to know if you are living in your truth

Knowing if you are living in your truth comes down to self-awareness and honesty. Create time to reflect on what is truly important to you, and the type of life you envision for yourself. Are the actions or words that come out of you in alignment with this vision? Or do they seem off, perhaps out of character or even forced? Be honest with yourself and strive to make choices based on what feels right and authentic. Above all else, remember that living in your truth doesn't have to be perfect - it just needs to come from the heart.


The signs that you are not living in your truth

Many of us have had moments when we feel like something is off. We often try to blame it on the situation, like feeling overwhelmed with work or problems in relationships. But perhaps it's that we're not living in our truth - the truth of who we are, what brings us joy, and what really matters to us. Living against this truth can be exhausting, and leave us feeling discontent, anxious and disconnected from ourselves. If you find yourself regularly questioning your purpose or feeling as if you do not recognise yourself, it may be a sign that you are not living according to your own truth. It could also manifest as feelings of missing out or constantly comparing yourself to others around you instead of celebrating yourself and your own accomplishments.

Make time for reflection; ask yourself what is really important to you, and how can you start taking steps towards alignment with that truth!


The benefits of living in your truth

The benefits of living in your truth are worth the effort it takes. Being honest with yourself and accepting those truths can bring a deeper acceptance of who you are. With this understanding comes confidence, strength and the freedom to express your true self without judgement or fear. Being true to oneself is more than just presenting a smiley face to the world; it’s about having a compassionate mindset that fosters self-love and inner compassion. These feelings of kindness will draw people into your life who appreciate, honor and respect your authenticity. Living in your truth is not only beneficial for you, but it allows others around you to do the same because they feel safe in your presence.


Steps to take to start living in your truth

Taking the first step to start living in your truth is empowering. It means trusting your instincts and what you feel inside as valid, and allowing yourself to be open to the possibilities that can come from living authentically. Before making these changes, it’s important to focus on building a strong sense of self-love and acceptance so that you can ground your truth in safety and security. Connecting with people who accept and support your authentic self can also help provide reassurance during this change process. Finally, take it step by step, asking yourself small questions each day. With patience, kindness and understanding for yourself, you’ll be on your way towards living truthfully.


It is so important that we get clear on what our truth is and start living from that space. When we are not in alignment with our truth, it can show up in many ways. If you find yourself experiencing any of the signs mentioned in this blog post, know that there is hope. You can make the choice to live in your truth starting in this moment. And when you do, you will experience all of the benefits that come along with it.

If uncovering and aligning to your truth feels like too much to handle on your own, reach out for help. I am here for you as an experienced coach specialising in helping people uncover their truths and live more authentic, magnificent lives. Schedule a free consultation call with me today to see how I can help support you on your journey to living in alignment with who you really are.