"Before I started my coaching with Cassie, I was struggling at work, felt stuck and frustrated with the type of work I was doing and was going through a difficult patch with my manager.

Through the coaching, I’ve evolved in so many ways which have benefited me both professionally and in my personal life.

I have more self awareness, am clearer about my values and how they influence my interactions with people and probably the biggest win has been challenging long held self limiting beliefs which I can now recognise and address immediately to improve my performance.

By embarking on this journey and being willing to be brutally honest with my 'self' the person I am now is ready to take on those amazing new career opportunities ahead. "


"Cassie has been able to help me realise so many things about myself and the reason I do the things I do. She has enabled me to get unstuck and unlock my own potential. 
I've taken more actions, celebrated more wins, and I can see more results from the time with her than in all my years trying to set up and working on my own businesses." 

 "Cassie's group coaching is the best thing I've done for me and my business." 



"I genuinely feel that I would be unable to encapsulate in words, the impact that my time with Cassie has had both in a personal and business capacity" 

"I really enjoyed working with Cassie! I liked her intuitive and practical approach and would definitely recommend her." 


"Before coaching with Cassie I was unclear, lacked focus and was beginning to lose enjoyment in my business. In 4 months my self-worth has increased, I have control of my financials, my standards have risen and I feel much happier. The accountability and support from Cassie has enabled me to be more conscious of my daily decisions and actions. I have far greater clarity, have set up clearer boundaries that helped me be more focussed in business, and the relationships with my team and clients have risen to another level." 
"Cassie helped me make big changes to the team and the business. As a result my revenue tripled."
- Julie

Julie Testimonial 2 from Cassie Footman on Vimeo.

"My revenue has doubled in less than 9 months as a result of working with Cassie."        
~ Aidan ~


"Cassie brings amazing energy and positivity. She kept the team engaged and motivated for the whole day. The feedback from the team has been very positive and it’s clear that Cassie ensured that everyone felt relaxed and comfortable to be open and share with one another.  
As a result of the day, each member of the team now has a role to play in taking forward the agreed actions to continue to improve and add value to everything we do.  
I can highly recommend Cassie for team away days to bring colleagues together for mutual benefit and to ensure that everyone is able to play their part in the team and maximise on their strengths."



"I achieved a 116% increase in sales within 8 weeks while working with Cassie"

- Tom


"I was looking for a way to improve my business and sharpen my focus for the months and year ahead - but was not entirely sure on how to (i) do this and (ii) get to a desired result (which I was really not clear on myself). 
I met Cassie at an event in London and thought 'Hold on, this may actually be the way forward' although I had never thought of business coaching before. And, I am very happy to have taken up the opportunity!

I am motivated, have clear goals in place for the months and year ahead and strongly feel that these are ambitious and achievable. Cassie was absolutely awesome throughout, asking tough questions where needed and coaching through times when I lacked drive. I highly recommend Cassie and her coaching."