What’s stopping you from being incredible?

Do you want to achieve more in your personal life or from your business venture, but something is preventing you from reaching your goals and you can’t work out what it is?



It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and busy business owners to feel like they’re spinning wheels. Fighting fires often becomes the norm as does the weight of constant distractions and feeling confused about the best way forward. 


You own a business and you’re amazing at what you do but some days (more days than not if you’re honest), you can’t seem to shift feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, irritation or dissatisfaction.

You know you can do better, or that the business should perform better, but you never seem to have enough time, the right focus or effective support from the team by your side - too many obstacles are blocking your way.

Is it time to review, reset and restart?


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Achieving the success you desire – whatever that looks like – is possible but right now you’re probably in a place that needs a little transformation.

 There are probably a few doubts niggling, your inner critic is trying to creep in, frustrations are jeering at you or put simply, motivation has left the room! This is all normal and it happens in life but sometimes you need a bit of help to unravel what’s really holding you back.

Ultimately, you are in the driving seat to reach your own destiny – and that includes your family life, social life, business life and everything else around you.

You are the core of everything and the connection between your professional business and your personal life is significant. The closer the two are aligned with your true genius, the more success you will achieve.

Once you find your true genius self, your why in life, your values – whatever you want to call it - you can be more you and everything will flow.

Are you ready to reignite your power, redirect your focus and create the life you want?


Book a discovery call today and start to transform


Cassie Footman is an international coach, mentor, and trainer to clients in over 24 countries. As an author and  speaker on human potential and transformation she has supported 1000s of professionals in maintaining a higher perspective and operating in their zone of genius.  

Cassie works holistically with clients and sees so much more in a person than they do in themselves. After the complimentary discovery call with Cassie she has already worked out your personality type and what makes you tick.

You may have worked with a business or personal coach before. Perhaps you have retrained, upskilled or diversified in the marketplace but none of these efforts have helped you to get where you had hoped.

It’s not unusual for Cassie's clients to have trudged this road before but often it’s where many business owners and coaching programmes go wrong. Investing in business strategies and expanding academic knowledge is a ‘pile on top of’ approach that is ineffective when the core individual is left out – you. Without this step how can you expect to get from you to be?

When you embark on a From You to Be journey it’ll be an exploration into peeling back the layers of unhelpful stuff that’s causing you to feel confusion, unrest or frustration. Through enquiry, intuitive guidance and coaching you will find your true being and a state of mind and purpose where you can flourish once again – you can be unstoppable.

You will invest in the real you - your inner being.

Not your qualifications or your skillset but the knowledge of how to be more you.

When you find this, you will have experienced a complete mindset shift and anything is achievable.

When you find the real magical you, you can be powerful, be purposeful, be prosperous and be true to yourself and everyone around you.


Ignite Your Genius Coaching Journey

The Coaching Journey will focus entirely on you in the form of a tailormade three-month programme. Get down to the nitty gritty and work on neutralising the unhelpful stuff that has engulfed you over the years, make new choices, create new structures and accomplish massive change. Regain your thirst for life.

Making The Shift Group Coaching Program

The Making The Shift Program is a twelve-week membership programme. You will join a small yet elite group of individuals who all want to change for the better and achieve great things. Working proactively and positively together you’ll learn proven techniques to eliminate the unhelpful baggage gathered over the years and advance to creating your new future with newfound clarity and enthusiasm.  

1:1 Genius Impact Day

Genius Impact Days have been designed as an intensive deep dive into where you are now and where you want to be. Prepare to be challenged on aspects of your life, personality, values and goals and leave feeling rejuvenated, focused and with a new sense of your creative genius. Ready to create what you really want. 

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"Cassie's unconditional love and guidance have brought me to another level of life. 

I've grown tremendously both personally and in business. Everything flows so well since we started to work together and things are unstoppable now!"




"Before I started my coaching with Cassie, I was struggling at work and felt stuck and frustrated. Through working with Cassie, I’ve evolved in so many ways, which have benefited me  professionally and in my personal life. I have more self awareness, am clearer about my values and how they influence my interactions with people and probably the biggest win has been challenging long held self limiting beliefs which I can now recognise and address immediately to improve my performance."


"The business has tripled its turnover in the year I have worked with Cassie and I have been able to separate myself more from the business by allowing others to take charge."