2020 has arrived - have you started to look at the future of your business & personal life? 
Is it a blank page? 
Are you clear in your own mind what you are aiming to achieve? 
Are you stumbling around in the dark? 
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Cassie Footman Success Coaching


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Cassie Footman Success Coaching Speaking


Available for speaking engagements, Cassie is a regular guest speaker on the subject business and personal success 
Cassie Footman - Enabling success to flow. 
Cassie Footman is a leading provider of personal development & business growth services to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the professional business services industry. 
Services include masterminding, coaching, mentoring, business partnering and live training events. She is here to help you develop your business in a way that enables you to create and enjoy the financial freedom, wealth and lifestyle you desire and deserve. 
What makes her unique is she combines personal development and business growth in all her business programs, which helps you peel away the layers of your limiting beliefs and master your little voice to achieve greater self-awareness and accelerate success, in all areas of life. 
With her high impact accountability, intuitive and thorough approach, you will discover your true potential for both you and your business. 
About Cassie, Founder & CEO 
For the past 21 years Cassie has coached & mentored hundreds of individuals, professionals and executives with business and personal challenges; helping them increase their personal income, improve relationships and achieve more peace, balance and fulfilment in all areas of life. 
Cassie has a passion for working with entrepreneurs and small business owners where her drive is to help them to develop their businesses so they can enjoy spending time on the things that matter to them most. 
With a corporate background in Human Resources Cassie brings a wealth of experience and insight in developing people and businesses.  
Cassie has seen first hand the negative impact of unfocussed leadership, undiscovered talent and poor teamwork; Cassie is able to remedy this through understanding the true potential of an individual and business in flow. 
As a performance expert Cassie inspires a shift in thinking that opens up new possibilities ensuring that a business owner's value is fully leveraged to produce phenomenal results. 
Do you want business results that you never thought possible? 
Are you ready to make the changes now that will be the blueprint for the rest of your life? 
Contact Cassie Footman on 07918 022387 or email hello@cassiefootman.com 
"My revenue has doubled in less than 9 months as a result of working with Cassie. 
I would highly recommend anyone looking to achieve their business goals to work with her. Cassie's insight is remarkable.  
She gets to what is important and to why it is important.  
Her personality makes her delightful to work with, she is resolutely cheerful and positive, compassionate and caring.  
She works completely with and for you, in such a kind and generous manner.  
I genuinely think working with someone like Cassie has been the missing link and am delighted I uncovered her when I did." 
Aidan Dow, Director 

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