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We support visionary, empathic leaders & aspiring leaders in embodying their cosmic light and driving profound seismic change in the world.

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It's a common sentiment amongst heart centred, empathic entrepreneurs and visionary leaders. They sense a greater potential, but daily distractions, overwhelm, and the maze of life often shadow their path.


You're phenomenal at what you do. But there are days, perhaps many, when the weight of everything seems too much. When overwhelm, exhaustion, or feelings of disconnection cloud your inner brilliance.

But guess what? Your potential is limitless, and sometimes all it takes is the right guidance to remember, realign and resonate with your magnificent authentic self.


Let's explore your potential...

Achieving your dreams, be they personal or professional, requires more than just practical action. It's about remembering the Truth of who you are, aligning your energy, transcending limitations, and embracing your multidimensional being.

Those doubts you're feeling? That inner critic? They're just roadblocks waiting to be transcended. Those challenges that keep popping up? They're simply an invitation to make powerful choices.

Remember, the power to shape your destiny lies within you. And by bridging the connection between your current reality and infinite potential, magic happens.


Unlock your cosmic roots, and let everything fall into place with ease and grace.


Meet Your Guiding Star:

Cassie is not just any coach or facilitator. She's a trusted advisor who has touched lives across 26 countries. With her insights into human potential & the games at play, she's illuminated the path for thousands to operate in their zone of genius.

With Cassie, you're not just another client. She sees your magnificence, the cosmic in you, the potential that even you might not see. And by the time your first call is done, she's already connected with your essence, understanding what makes your spirit sing.

Maybe you've tried coaching before and plateaued afterwards when going alone? Perhaps you've delved into a multitude of personal development programs but still feel stuck?

Perhaps you've tried hypnotherapy, or even experimented with plant medicine, yet still feel limited?

Cassie's paradigm breaking approach transcends traditional methods. It's not a 'one size fits all' approach or about piling on someone else's strategies, clearing limiting beliefs and going deep within. It's about guiding you to remember, awaken & expand the real Y.O.U.


Your Own Universe is magical, expansive and holds the invisible doorway to limitless possibility. The magnificence of YOU is waiting to be activated and now is YOUR time. This planet is calling you to own the light leader you are, so you effortlessly shine the light for others.

When you step onto the From You to Be path, you're committing to a voyage of expansive self-discovery. Shed the layers that have been weighing you down, had you believe you are less than and play small games. Instead, connect with your cosmic roots, and realise that you truly are limitless.

This isn't about adding more strategies, qualifications or certifications to your magic bag of tricks. It's about tapping into your innermost essence, undergoing a mindset metamorphosis, and realising that once you remember and align with your true self, the universe bows to your will.


A meticulously crafted 2-3 hour experience where your consciousness is tenderly guided to explore, understand, and transcend various aspects of your current being.

A transcendent experience that allows your consciousness to liberate from restrictive forms, and embrace its omnipresent wisdom, enabling your true limitless being to shine. 

Your experiences here are deeply personal and universally expansive, addressing emotional disturbances, physical ailments, and granting you insights from your multidimensional self, all while nurturing you in a high-vibrational space where resonance, love, and wisdom freely flow.  You'll feel free!


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An intensive one to one session that gently immerses you into unraveling your game. Together, we delve into understanding the game at play, how your present patterns and limitations impact the size of your game and have you go against or dismiss your deepest yearning.

This is where compassion meets revelation, a safe harbour where you begin to see the unseen and recognise the unacknowledged, illuminating your path with newfound clarity and purpose.

Awareness enables the gift of magical creation and you'll be ready to begin making powerful choices, taking decisive action towards what you so dearly want. 

Unravel your game now

What if your most authentic self, your deepest joys, and the roadmap to your highest potential were all interwoven, awaiting your discovery?

The depth of your challenges and the height of your dreams stem from the intricate, multifaceted game you're entwined with - both known and unknown.

Our expansive 9 month  transcendence program includes personalised expansive Universal Consciousness journeys, with practical, transformative coaching intertwined, carefully designed to guide you through the majestic realm of self-exploration, transcendence, and conscious creation. Your being will exceed the games you have played, causing you to create powerfully and expansively. 

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Transform your 'being' to sustainably increase the size and impact of your game.

Not sure where to start? Let's explore the best option for you...

"Cassie's unconditional love and guidance have brought me to another level of life. 

I've grown tremendously both personally and in business. Everything flows so well since we started to work together and things are unstoppable now!"




"Before I started my coaching with Cassie, I was struggling at work and felt stuck and frustrated. Through working with Cassie, I’ve evolved in so many ways, which have benefited me  professionally and in my personal life. I have more self awareness, am clearer about my values and how they influence my interactions with people and probably the biggest win has been challenging long held self limiting beliefs which I can now recognise and address immediately to improve my performance."


"The business has tripled its turnover in the year I have worked with Cassie and I have been able to separate myself more from the business by allowing others to take charge."