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Use your imagination to create even more success

imagination Aug 08, 2022

I remember the primary school I went to had this huge dressing up box.

Actually, it might not have been that huge, but as a child being really slight and small, it was ginormous and you'd open up the top of it and you'd look inside and it was like, oh! All the wonders and the excitement of the different colours and textures and materials and styles of things that you find inside the box. You take something out and put the hat on and then all of a sudden you become that character.

Do you remember?

Did you ever play like that as a child?

It was such good fun, but you know what, if you can still remember that you can step into the excitement and the feeling and the wonder and the awe of being a child again. Putting those dressing up clothes on, and then becoming that character. 

You can do that today.

So next time you are approaching something that maybe you're a little bit, "not sure if I can do this". Hmm. Have a little think.

If you were to open up the chest of dressing up clothes, what outfit would you pull out?

What outfit would you put on and standing in strength, in confidence, in certainty, in excitement to then be able to step forth and do what it is that you want to do.

Sometimes as adults, we get too serious and we forget what it's like to be childlike, not childish. There's a big difference.

If I was being childish, I might empty the box and trample all over the contents and say, "Ugh, there's nothing here for me"

But being childlike, oh!

I can let my imagination create whatever I want to create. And you can too!

Your imagination, your intuition and playfulness is the key to you actually making your heart sing and creating the life, the business, the work, the connections, the relationships, the health, the whole life experience that you would love to experience.

So if you opened up a treasure chest of dressing up clothes, what would be your first outfit that you'd love to pull out of there?

Create it, stand in it.

Imagine it.

Go have fun!