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Perfect v Imperfect

perfection Jul 07, 2022

In this video we're exploring Perfect vs Imperfect.

Have you ever been in a position where you've sought to do something in a perfect way or you've wanted to show up looking perfect, being perfect. Or maybe you like things to look right? The detail has to be right. And things have to look right.

What's being imperfect versus being imperfect.

So seeking for perfection and things to be right. Quite often we do that because there's something unconsciously. So you're not aware of it that you're seeking to resolve. There's a part of you that you are seeking to kind of prove that's viable. We all have this and when we try to be perfect with things and you may well have experienced this for yourself, we end up getting stuck and not getting anywhere. Maybe starting something, but never finishing it. And then we end up with a life full of incompletes.

You've started, but not finished. But here's the thing. When we try to get things perfect, we don't end up usually creating what it is that we want to create. And we end up creating a lot of stress, a lot of discomfort. We end up proving our limiting self beliefs by saying, "see, told you so told you I couldn't do it"

But actually none of it's true. How about, how about testing out the allowing things to be imperfect, just allowing things to unfold. So instead of planning for the year ahead and wanting every single step to be in place before you embark on your journey, how about just choose the first movement, the first choice to make towards something and allowing yourself to be childlike in wonder and curiosity to allow whatever unfolds to unfold through taking that action, allow the next action to just unfold because it will do beautifully.

But if you are hanging back wanting everything to be right and perfect, you're gonna take a very long time trying to get to where you want to go. Or the whole experience is going to be quite painful and exhausting.

We have choice.

We can choose to be perfect or choose to be imperfect. And if we're gonna choose to be imperfect, be willing to allow things to unfold as we go forward and to take the learnings. And quite often, certainly based on the evidence for myself and for the people that I've worked with, being willing to be imperfect has allowed even better brighter, amazing opportunities to actually come forth and actually ended up creating magic when it comes to approaching whatever it is that you're doing. Are you going to choose to do things perfectly do them right and get them right at every step?

Or are you going to choose to allow yourself to be imperfect and just move forward? The perfection actually lies in allowing yourself to progress forward. And when we progress, then we can reach mastery. But if we're gonna be stuck in perfection, very rarely do we actually achieve mastery because we're still stuck in making a decision or a choice in moving forward.

How do you approach things? Do you want everything to be perfect or are you more accepting that things will sometimes be imperfect?