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Just Get On With It

boundaries Nov 02, 2020
Do you ever hear yourself say: “Just get on with it”? 
"Just get on with it"- isn’t that something that just you say to yourself? 
Where does that come from? In this blog we explore boundaries, perhaps a lack of them, and why we do what we do, in business and at home. 
"Just get on with it." I used to say this to myself quite a lot, particularly when I was in overwhelm, but I didn’t realise I was in overwhelm. 
I was just doing what I do, which is juggle lots of things at the same time. In fact I became pretty good at that, actually I am still very good at that, but I’m getting better at not doing it so much. 
Just get on with it, where does it come from? For me, what I realise is, it’s not just a habit but also a generational thing. Pretty much all the women in my family, going back as far as I can see, have just got on with it. 
They haven’t accepted help or support from other people and very rarely asked for it. So I was curious, I wonder why that is? I wonder why people don’t ask for support? Why the women in my family haven’t asked for support? The conclusion I have come to is; because they don’t want to be seen as not coping. 
They don’t want to be seen as not being strong, they don’t want to be perceived as being weak. They don’t want to be perceived as not being strong enough or good enough. It’s like a big silent sigh inside, a big heavy mass, big worries. There is a lot weighing on shoulders behind this, this huge invisible weight behind it. 
It slows people down, I think what a lot of this comes down to, is the boundaries you have for yourself. If you’re not doing things for yourself, to look after yourself, then how on earth can you show up as your best? 
How can you show up in your business and deliver your very best products and service for your clients? How can you show up in your business and demonstrate and show the very best value for the people that you work with, if you’re not showing up as your best? 
So the same things applies when it comes to home. There are lots of parents out there that I’m connected with who run businesses. They have kids of all sorts of ages, even when the kids are in their 20’s many parents are still running around doing things for them. 
They're busy running around after everyone else and are not taking care of them self. I think this is where the generational thing comes in.
Does it run through the generations of your family where there is a habit and a pattern for people to not put themselves first?
Is there a generational belief in your family that you are continuing to live on that says that it’s selfish to put yourself first?
I am really curious, do share.
I have three rules for living which I have recently shared with a group of wonderful business owners who I have been working with on the group coaching program that I run. I'll share these with you in a future post, they really do help you begin to put your self first.
Watch this space for more blogs and check out our Facebook page. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences of just getting on with it.