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Start these daily micro habits to reignite your passion as a business owner - tomorrow

Jan 02, 2022

Daily micro habits are small but highly impactful actions that help you feel more alive and in flow, resulting in a more profound desire for life.

When was the last time you woke up in the morning and felt a bit, well, meh?

Maybe you had a rough night’s sleep, not enough sleep, ate cheese too close to bedtime, or you had something playing on your mind. We all have mornings when turning over and shutting the world out for a few more hours seem like the best plan. Isn’t that what ‘duvet days’ were invented for?


When was the last time you went to bed with racing thoughts in your head or a low mood lingering?

Perhaps a conflict happened at work, or the kids stepped out of line. Maybe you got stuck in traffic, missed a deadline, or felt as though you were on the back foot all day.


As a business owner, it’s your passion. Your business and its success are the driving force in you achieving what you want in life. It’s a way to realise your purpose. Yet sometimes, you can feel as though you’ve lost your way or your passion – and that impacts other areas of your being.

Building micro habits into your day is an excellent way to reignite the passion you once had for being a business owner.


Top micro habits to gain back your thirst for business

Listen to any business owner or entrepreneur who has ‘made it’ and they’ll be sure to have a morning routine that sets them up for the day.

Some people will prefer to kick-start their energy with a vigorous workout at the gym, outdoor run, or an equally intense blood-pumping exercise. Others may choose to have a hot (or cold) shower and meditate. Whatever routine works for you, it must be regular and feel incredible. If anything about your routine is irritating, cumbersome, or just feels off, you won’t stick to it and negative vibes will set in.

Try these daily micro habits each morning to set your intention for the day ahead: 

  • Create a vision and read it out
  • Visualise your day going swimmingly before it’s even started – set the intention for what you would love

Attempt the daily micro habits below every evening to reflect on what went well and what could have improved. This exercise subconsciously helps you avoid the negative stuff and focus more on the positive, progressive stuff.

  • Debrief your day by journaling – empty your head and write freely
  • Reflect on what you are grateful for – aim for at least five things
  • Think about who benefited from your help in some way
  • Aim to make tomorrow better than today

At some point, either every day, once a week or once a month (it depends on what routine works for you), action the following: 

  • Write a list of wants and desires - review it regularly and keep adding to it
  • Write a timeline of achievements to date and add to it regularly
  • Challenge yourself – daily if you can
  • Celebrate everything that goes well – no matter how small
  • Create a set of standards and stick to them, e.g. make the bed, clean as you go, keep a tidy desk, share kindness
  • Spend time with like-minded people who have big dreams and are committed to making things happen
  • Every time you land a new client, donate to a cause you feel passionate about
  • Exercise daily
  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water


These may seem like obvious activities, but very few people stick to them. That’s why they must become habits. Think about how many people yo-yo diet. Sticking to a routine is more complex than it seems, but you’ll feel fantastic once they become a habit.


Upgrade your life

Identify areas and things in your life that you’d like to upgrade. I’m not talking about investing in the latest mobile phone. I’m referring more to upgrading your life in all areas, not just tangible assets.

It’s a powerful exercise, helping you feel brighter, healthier, and wealthier. Just a few examples could include:

  • Sitting on a broken chair for years – upgrade and buy a new one!
  • Having holes in the knickers you’ve had for 10+ years – upgrade and purchase new knickers!
  • Sacrificing adventures because you have too much work – upgrade your prices and take some time out!
  • Accepting tight deadlines because you need the work – upgrade your offering and open yourself up to finding the clients that deserve you!


Remember, you are worth it. You deserve good things around you in life, and I encourage you to develop a mindset of abundance. If you scrimp and make do with less than adequate things or broken things, it suggests you have limiting beliefs. In this instance, you are giving away your power and accepting that you are not worthy or capable. Pause and think about this.


Build a routine that works for you

A positive morning routine is often the cure for turning a dull day into a dynamic day. Having a wrap-it-up reflection period in the evening will do wonders for the slumber ahead, calming your mood.

If you think you would benefit from working with an experienced guide to build daily micro habits suitable for your routine, let’s talk.


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