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What Cassie's Clients Say 

In 4 months my self-worth has increased, I have control of my financials, my standards have risen and I feel much happier. The accountability and support from Cassie has enabled me to be more conscious of my daily decisions and actions. I have far greater clarity, have set up clearer boundaries that helped me be more focussed in business, and the relationships with my team and clients have risen to another level." 
Nisreen, Architect 
The value received from Cassie's coaching is hard to put into words... it's so much more than the sum of it's parts. Not only do I now feel confident that my side project will be successful, I now have a launch date and have several joint venture partners who will be promoting my business. I have also defined my 'mission' in life and have a developed a vision of what I am going to achieve in the next 1 and 3 years. I have been telling anyone that is willing to listen that the huge improvements in my attitude, the way I think, the way I act and the actual habit of execution and completion is down to the coaching I took with Cassie. I tried doing it alone for years with a ton of self development books, videos and audio but the biggest catalyst that has propelled me forward at 10x the speed is Cassie's Coaching. I can't say enough good things about it. I now have a really solid base to know exactly what I need and will almost certainly be going back to Cassie for more help in the coming months." 
Steve, Entrepreneur 
I found Cassie to be down to earth: grounded in realism and generating workable options I could use there and then! Cassie’s “hit the ground running” approach has enabled me to look at challenges from a different perception.” 
John White, Certified Coach 
I would highly recommend anyone looking to achieve their business goals to work with Cassie. Her insight is remarkable. She gets to what is important and to why it is important. Cassie’s personality makes her delightful to work with, she is resolutely cheerful and positive, compassionate and caring. She works completely with and for you, in such a kind and generous manner. 
I genuinely think working with someone like Cassie has been the missing link and am delighted I uncovered her when I did." 
Aidan Dow, Director 
Cassie brings amazing energy and positivity and kept the team engaged and motivated for the whole day. The feedback from the team has been very positive and it’s clear that Cassie ensured that everyone felt relaxed and comfortable to be open and share with one another. As a result of the day, each member of the team now has a role to play in taking forward the agreed actions to continue to improve and add value to everything we do. I can highly recommend Cassie for team Awaydays to bring colleagues together for mutual benefit and to ensure that everyone is able to play their part in the team and maximise on their strengths." 
Claire Cunniffe, Deputy CEO Cleft Lip and Palate Association 
Cassie has the ability to quickly identify the issues, which need focus, assists in finding different perspectives to view problems and challenges, and helps to put together actions, which can really make a difference to performance. Cassie has had a huge impact on my personal development and has really inspired me to change some of my thinking and my doing, both in the short and the long term. This has helped me both personally and professionally.” 
Liz Wood, LWHR Services 
“As a result of today day we now understand each other’s strengths and different ways of working, learning and collaborating, as well as our own. Cassie is very enthusiastic and positive. She emphasised the value each of us brought to the team and our collective greatness.” 
“Enjoyed Cassie’s great energy and positive approach. She created a safe environment where we could take time to really understand the problems we faced as a team out of flow, being listened to and being heard was important. Everyone joined in and took responsibility for the solutions we identified.” 
“Really useful day which will increase motivation, team work and communication within the team and ultimately benefit those who we support. Thank you.” 
“Really enjoyed hearing from others about how they work best and what they enjoy. It helped me understand hoot approach working with them and how I can ask them to work with me. Overall it was a really fantastic, interesting, insightful day that the team sorely needed. Thank you!” 
Personal dynamics profile debriefs 
I am normally very sceptical about programs like this, I am always wondering if it is worth spending the money, but I can honestly say it is. 
I am going to University soon, at the point in my life where I feel like I’m being pulled in all sorts of directions by many different people and by doing this I have gained vision and direction in my life that I never knew could exist. 
I can now go away feeling much happier about what it is I can do with the talents I have, the best way to use them and bring value to a team. My confidence has developed and as a result I am finding the prospect of university much less daunting. It is also that something extra that will allow me to work efficiently whilst I’m there and help me to get the most out of life in general. 
Cassie was good at guiding me through the process, explaining everything very clearly and always happy to answer any queries I had. An absolute no brainer really – definitely do it.” 
Callum, Student 
Why I struggle with some life events, people and tasks which others don’t, while in stark contrast connecting instantly with many and sailing calmly through other events and tasks which some find extremely stressful. The debriefing session with Cassie revealed more deeply what this analysis really meant for me personally and how I could use it to find more flow and less struggle in my daily public and private life. Recently I have been using the results from Talent Dynamics daily as a barometer to measure my decisions against my internal personal integrity – in effect keeping me (more often than not) in a calm and happy flow with the people and events around me” 
Tony, IT Manager 
“Thank you for coming and explaining Talent Dynamics to Ryan today. He was really enthused about it and loves the logic and application of what he has learned – just great for him and really timely. You made a real impact on him :D” 
Sharon, Ryan's mum