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Masterminding by Cassie Footman 

What is Masterminding? 
You can’t achieve major goals all on your own, you need to use the minds and resources of other people, which is why every great achiever has, whether knowingly or not, used the masterminding method to get results. 
Masterminding is when a group of people come together in a spirit of harmony, cooperation and collaboration to achieve goals and overcome challenges. 
The method of masterminding has been used historically by many great leaders such as Thomas Edison, Charles Wrigley and Bill Gates, who accomplished phenomenal success through collaborating in this manner. 
Masterminding will revolutionise the way you work with other people and achieve results. Masterminding is particularly useful when you don't have a team around you in our business to bounce idea off of. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place...don't get stuck there. 
Masterminding is an opportunity to: 
Grow your business by at least 20% over the next 6 months 
Discover solutions to problems you might think are insurmountable 
Break down any barriers that are blocking you 
Meet and work with like-minded, success-focussed individuals 
Want to know how to get involved? 
Contact Cassie Footman on 07918 022387 or Email 
Enabling success to flow. 
"I really enjoyed meeting with the Mastermind Group regularly and found it a very uplifting and worthwhile experience. What was great, was being able to immerse myself in an environment set up for success - which is something I live by on a daily basis, yet difficult to find in modern society conditioned to mediocracy - so it was great to spend time with people sharing a similar success mindset. It was also fantastic to be able to understand the challenges others in the group were facing and I really enjoyed contributing to helping them find solutions." 
Alex, Entrepreneur  
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