Cassie Footman Success Coaching Speaker Events

Events where you can catch Cassie in 2019 

These coaching and speaking events are designed to inspire fast results, promote change and immediate progress in the business and personal development of every attendee. Cassie regularly joins members of the success coaching community to do what she does best. 
Cassie Footman Inspiring Mothers In Business
Saturday 11th May 2019 
Powerful Success Secrets for Mothers in Business (London) 
The event is aimed at mothers in business, as well as those thinking about getting into business. Fathers and partners are encouraged and welcome to attend too. You will have the opportunity to listen to personal and inspirational stories from women who are achieving and succeeding, who will intimately describe the highs and lows of their success and the obstacles they overcame to become successful mothers and business owners.  
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Cassie Footman Success Coaching Events Speaker
Saturday 30th & 31st March 2019 
MindSpace Business Accelerator Bootcamp (London) 
Cassie works together with Mac Attram & MindSpace Associates to deliver live events in the UK and worldwide. Cassie is part of a team who brings interactive coaching workshops to events just like this one, which has been specifically developed for new business owners and those about to take the plunge into business ownership.  
This Bootcamp will help you to achieve clarity about your business strategy, prioritise, and understand how you can achive business growth. Watch this space for a booking code! 
Cassie Footman Success Coaching Events Speaker
Monday 11th February 2019 
2019 B1G1x Conference (London) 
Cassie will be speaking at this year’s Northern hemisphere event in Central London. This is the second B1G1x event to be held in London. The two-day conference welcomes both members and non-members. The event is all about making our businesses, lives and the world better – by getting to know each other, learning from each other, and having a lot of fun in the process. 
Find out more or join the conversation #B1G1x @B1G1 
Cassie Footman Success Coaching Speaker Events
Monday 28th January 2019 
MindSpace Associates Millionaire Business Builder (Morocco) 
Cassie works together with Mac Attram & MindSpace Associates to deliver events around the world. Cassie delivers workshops at specialilist retreats like this one, which allow entrepreneurs and business owners to get away from the daily running of their operation, take a step back and look holistically at their business strategy, performance and priorities as well as themselves and their personal aspirations in life.  
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