Personal Success Accelerator - Group Coaching 

If you knew exactly what was needed to change, to get the balance right, you’d take the steps to get there, wouldn't you? 
Maybe you're stuck on repeat? Going around and around treading the same steps? 
You know you need to get off that treadmill, but you’re not sure how. 
You don’t know what will happen next... 
Perhaps you don’t love your work like you used to. It’s harder than it used to be. Everything is just that bit more of a challenge than it was before. 
Maybe your home life is taking a backseat? You aren’t really 'you' when you walk through the door? Your brain stays switched on at night, when you really need it to switch off. 
Perhaps the subject of work is on your mind all the time? But you didn’t plan it that way. 
You planned luxury holidays, the freedom to take time off on your terms, being the lead in the success story of your business and career. 
You make a mental checklist of what you want… 
More success 
Job satisfaction 
To be your own boss 
More money 
Most people spend a lifetime searching OUTSIDE themselves for answers they already know. 
Hoping for a shortcut or quick fix rather than stepping forward, taking back control. Sometimes it’s easier to keep going until you’re forced to stop, to step back and keep rolling with the waves/punches/rough and tumble. 
Deep down you know the answer to personal happiness doesn't lie in your bank account or everyone else’s approval. 
But you already knew that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this searching for the answers, would you? 
What if I could show you a better way? 
A way to take control BACK of your life and doing work you feel connected to. 
A path to understand and review where you are, where you’ve been AND where you want to go. 
An answer to what is holding you back from enjoying a happy and fulfilled life. 
A plan to know what and how to change, identify what is not working and set the trajectory of your growth and success straight once and for all. 
A way back to what you had in mind when you started your journey. 
We all face constant changes and challenges in business, at home and our personal selves. All business owners and professionals are in this boat, whether they are turning over multi millions or thousands in a year. 
I have helped business owners & professionals make that next move, scale up, face the challenges, identify what must change and move forward in their business/career/life. Noone wants to stand still, or worse, be moving backwards. 
This is my invitation for you to join my 8 week coaching program, tried and tested, refined and developed throughout my coaching career, to bring huge benefits to not just your performance, but your personal progression and wellbeing. 
How does it work? 
Weekly live online group sessions, which includes direction from me, the opportunity for discussion and each group member has the chance to contribute and ask questions. 
You’ll also join a community of fellow professionals, to share stories, techniques and the journey 
The group program numbers are kept small so there’s plenty of time for everyone to share and listen to each other. Program members often tell us they find it helpful to 
listen to others in the online coaching sessions, identifying common ground and learning from one another’s experiences and questions. 
The details: 
2 x private 121 calls. 
Scheduled weekly online video Zoom calls as a group. 
Membership to a private Facebook community - where you can ask questions and get really practical answers 
Access to a library of helpful resources and links 
The program will run for 8 weeks 
There will be Homeplay.. 
Homeplay will be set to reinforce what you learn; enabling you time to work through exercises and allow you to put your learning into practise in your own time. 
The techy bit... 
Meetings are held via Zoom with a private Facebook group for sharing and additional learning resources. Zoom is free, can easily be downloaded and accessed through your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.  
Why Cassie? Find out more about Cassie's coaching history. 
Are you looking for guidance, accountability, a new perspective on things? 
You want to be able to make better decisions, focus and deliver better results? 
Find out more, book a call online now to find out why Cassie's Personal Success Accelerator is for you! 
Any other questions? Please email 
Cassie Footman Success Client Coaching Feedback
Cassie Footman Success Client Coaching Feedback
Cassie Footman Success Client Coaching Feedback
Cassie Footman Success Client Coaching Feedback
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