This blog is about getting to know me, some insight into who I am, what I do and why I do it. 
Passionate about empowerment and positive thinking I work within the success coach community alongside other coaches, I also train coaches and support clients with their personal and business-related growth. 
Committed to inspiring others through coaching and speaking, find out more about me and why I help others... 
Interesting question, who is Cassie Footman? Cassie Footman is actually, in the heart of her she’s like mama bear. Some people might giggle, but actually I‘ve got such a massive heart it’s untrue. I will absolutely do whatever it takes to get stuff done that I’m really passionate about, and that means a lot to me. 
I am a giver, I am inspirational, I inspire myself sometimes and wonder where on earth did that come from? I am loving, I am caring, I am fiercely determined. I am considered, I’m conscious, I’m aware, very aware. I am non-judgemental, I am learning to not judge myself. We’re still working on areas too. I am a recovering perfectionist. I am super excited about the huge potential that is available to everybody these days. We are so, so lucky to be where we are right now in this world, in this universe with the awesome opportunities that we have ahead of us. 
I am determined to help many, many people worldwide discover their strengths, play to their strengths and learn to smile for the rest of their lives. I’ve learned to smile, and I want to be able to share that with other people. 
I am a mum, I’m a wife, I’m a daughter and I’m a sister. I’m a coach and I’m a business owner and I wear a ridiculous number of hats just like you do. I’m also a human being, and I’m learning to be like a human being and not to be a human doing. I used to be one of those humans that was on a rat race, that was on a treadmill or perhaps even a hamster wheel. And I’m still learning to kind of slow down the pace, keep focused, play to my strengths, but have a whole load of fun in the meantime. 
So that’s just a little bit of an insight into my world. 
In my next blog I will give you a sneaky peak behind the scenes about the Mindspace Associates Millionaire Business Builder in Morocco, where I deliver and take part in a specialist intensive retreat over 6 days. 
This blog is inspired by a Facebook Live Video published 25th January 2019. 
A little bit more about Cassie 
Cassie delivers success coaching for personal and business success. Discussing what your goals are, the steps towards achieving those goals and what to do when you get there! What comes next?! 
Cassie works with entrepreneurs, start-ups and established small business owners to help them navigate their way to achievement, fulfilment and a sustainable level of rewards. Through group coaching, events and public speaking Cassie works with groups and individuals to build on existing successes or help to get new businesses owners using their talent effectively to secure those much needed sales and strategies for starting from the beginning in business ownership. 
Find out more about the Accelerated Success Program Group Coaching from Cassie. 

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