Consider what qualities make a high performing team. 
What have you observed in low performing teams? 
What goes wrong? 
How can you make sure to avoid those things? Working together as a team can be all the buzz words we want it to be: effective, efficient, even fun! But when it goes wrong...not so much. Building the right team is crucial, the team doesn't have to just be about employees, your team can include your freelance support, suppliers, collaborating partners, your bookkeeper, your cleaner, anyone who helps you to do what you do! 
Cassie Footman Clarity Business and Personal Coach, blogger and speaker
Sometimes the easiest way to think about what we want and need, is to look at the opposite scenario! 
What have you observed in low performing teams? 
What goes wrong? 
- Issues with loyalty, back biting & gossip behind people’s backs. 
- Individuals focussed on themselves and their needs and their own gain. 
- Lack of supporting new starters, perhaps because of employee turnover/churn. 
- Bad habits develop in the team, and remain even when people leave. 
- Lack of honesty & trust; ‘saving their own skin’. 
- Negativity becomes a distraction and a common ground talking point. 
- Loss of sight of team goals and organisational goals. 
- The poor results and cohesion become self-sustaining/self-perpetuating. 
- Threats to leave, staff asked to stay based on promises that may not materialise. 
- Lack of recognition in positive circumstances, attention and focus on problems and mistakes. 
- It being left too late to address behaviours and issues before they have escalated. 
Do some of these scenarios sound familiar? 
We can learn a lot from this list. Remember what it was like to join a new organisation? Communication was key, being introduced to the systems, the role, even where the stationery cupboard was, it might seem a long time ago but the team around you helped you to achieve that success. Now you are in the driving seat, ready to build your team. 
Why is a team so important? 
Creating a team around you is crucial if you want to grow your business. 
There becomes a point in every organisation when you can’t do everything yourself, you need to get help to keep the business going and to keep it growing. Without seeking additional help you could end up in a situation where you can no longer juggle all the elements of your business well; ultimately ending up with you not being able to keep to promises, letting people down and ultimately and personally burning out. You must avoid this at all costs because it’ll harm your reputation, professional relationships and can be difficult to recover from. 
When is the right time? 
I often get asked, when’s the best time to start creating a team? 
The long and short of it is – start recruiting before you ‘need’ your team. From experience, I have seen that most entrepreneurs start getting help way after they first needed it. This approach doesn’t work, because you won’t have the essential time needed to bring the person up to speed within your business. 
It’s really important to get help onboard before you have no time available to work with them, otherwise they’ll just flounder and you’ll say ‘it didn’t work’. 
Enhance before you expand 
The critical step when creating and growing teams which many businesses miss out on is this: 
Developing a strong foundation on which to grow will ultimately determine how successful you will be in expanding the business. 
Many of us want to expand rapidly, which can be a costly mistake if you don’t enhance first. 
What do I mean by enhance? 
It’s about increasing, or further improving the quality, value, or extent of something. In the context of building teams, it’s about having a clear mission, vision & values for the business. 
You’ll need these as part of the recruitment process, to ensure you are bringing people into your business who are on the same page as you, have similar values as you and will support you in achieving your business goals. Not only to you need to be clear in your own mind, but be able to share this will potential team players, so that they too are clear before they commit to joining you. 
If you don’t do this, you end up finding out later down the line that really important factors may have been overlooked during the recruitment process. The impact of this can be very long-term, time consuming and create more work for you. 
So what's next? Keep an eye on the blog, next I'll be talking about letting go... 
What tasks can you share, delegate and what if find that hard to do?! 
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