What steps can you take if you are feeling overwhelmed at work, at home, or both? We all lead busy lives, take a look at this video from Cassie.  
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Here are some top tips for dealing with overwhelm: 
Check in with yourself. Get really clear on what’s happening, get really clear on how you’re feeling. Get really clear on what the overwhelm is. 
Focus on it, what can you do? Maybe it’s just the first two steps that you need to be focussing on, not steps six, seven, eight, nine, ten...when you haven’t done steps on, two and three. Get focussed. 
Then look at the action, what’s the first thing that you can do? What’s one baby step that you can take that’s going to help you feel better and therefore approach what needs to be done with a better mindset and a better attitude, and therefore take a better action. Even if that means you take a few hours out, or a day out to go and have fun and relax, do it. This will be time well invested. 
The final point is about self-discipline. Self discipline is around actually setting yourself up to win. What are the ritual, or perhaps the habits that you need to have in place to enable you to be a top performed? What are the rituals and habits perhaps you need to have in place to help you deal with those moments of overwhelm?Let’s be honest, whether you’re an average performer or a top performer, you’re still going to experience moments of overwhelm. 
So what’s your strategy? What are the five things that you can do in the moment of overwhelm that will help you? Make a list. It could be going for a walk, take some time out, or call a friend. Do something, do something that changes your environment and changes your physical being, something which distracts the pattern of going into a downward spiral. 
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