I’ve spoken previously and mentioned very briefly about rules for living.  
Why have rules? Actually we need rules in order to progress in life, in order to move forward, it’s a bit like in our game of life.  
We play lots of different games, I know I’ve spoken about this before when it comes to the different hats that you might wear. 
Cassie Footman Clarity Business and Personal Coach, blogger and speaker
You may wear the hat of a mother or a father, or perhaps you wear the hat of a daughter or a son. Perhaps you wear the hat of a business owner or maybe even as employee, wear the hat of a leader. Do you wear the hat of a brother or a sister, or the hat of somebody who perhaps coaches a team of people? There are lots of different hats that we wear. 
But what rules do you have for your game of life? We all need to have rules in place, so if you haven’t got any rules, I just wanted to share some rules that you may choose to adopt for yourself whilst you get used to all of this, then create your own rules for living. 
So here’s some rules, these are ground rules, foundational rules: 
Rule 1: Take care of yourself first, so you can assist others. 
If you are making notes to remind yourself, write; ‘I take care of myself first’ ‘I can assist others’. I don’t know about you, but I was brought up around generations who believed it was selfish to put yourself first. I think these old beliefs are now slowly starting to dissipate, but what beliefs are you holding around that? Might be worth asking yourself, are they serving you? Are they actually enabling you to be, do and have what you want in order to achieve what you really want to achieve in life. Are they allowing you to have that sense of inner happiness and fulfillment? 
Take care of yourself first, it’s really important. If your cup is empty because you have been filling everybody else’s cup up and there’s nothing left for you, fill your cup, fill your tank, let it overflow! Then you can fill everybody else’s up from your overflow! 
Rule 2: Use everything for your growth, upliftment and learning. 
The second rule for living is; use everything for your growth, upliftment and learning. So if you are writing this for yourself, you’d write ‘use everything for my growth, upliftment and learning’. So what’s this about? This is about every single experience that you have had, you must use that experience. We make mistakes in life and many of us have been brought up believing that making a mistake is detrimental, and that making a mistake will disadvantage you. 
Use everything for your growth, upliftment and learning, grow from your experiences, even when you’ve done something or said something, or reacted in a way that you don’t like to, face it. Because if you don’t, something inside of you is going to get trapped. From that point onwards it’s going to prevent you from moving forward, in some way, somewhere in your life, It ends up being a bit of the elephant in the room somewhere. It will come up again at some point. 
Rule 3: Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others. 
The last rule that I have here to share with you, is; don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others. If you’re writing it for yourself as a prompt, you’d write down ‘I don’t hurt myself, I don’t hurt others’. To really live a happy and fulfilled life, and a contented life, don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt other people. 
I have in my time, worked with a lot of a people who have admitted at some point that they are a bit of a people pleaser. But in pleasing other people, they’ve ended up impacting and hurting themselves. So, this is about boundaries as much as it is about respecting yourself and respecting other people. Respect your boundaries, if you can’t do something or if it’s going to stretch you that much, don’t commit to it. Because ultimately, at the end of the day, you may end up hurting the person you’ve made a promise to, but you might end up hurting yourself. 
Remind yourself at the beginning of the day, what the rules are and then review them. How did I do? Did I take care of myself first? What can I use for my growth, upliftment and learning today? And, did I hurt myself? Did I hurt anybody else? 
Review each of them, I’d love to hear how you get on so please get in touch. 
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