Feeling overwhelmed at work? At home? In general? 
These tips will help you to take control and get back on track. 
Anytime you feel overwhelmed just refer back to this advice... 
Cassie Footman Clarity Business and Personal Coach, blogger and speaker
1. Focus on it, what can you do? 
Maybe it’s just the first two steps that you need to be focussing on? 
Not step 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 when you haven’t done steps 1, 2 and 3. 
2. Look at the action. What’s the first thing that you can do? 
What’s one baby step that you take do that’s going to help you feel better? 
That step which will help you approach what needs to be done, with a better mindset and a better attitude, and therefore with better action. 
Even if it means you taking a few hours out, or a day out to go and have fun and relax, do it, because it will be time well invested. 
3. The final point is around self discipline, setting yourself up to win 
Consider the rituals and the habits that you need to have set up to become a top performer. 
What are the rituals and the habits perhaps you need to have in place to help you deal with those moments of overwhelm. 
Let’s be honest, whether you’re an average performer or a top performer, you’re still going to experience moments of overwhelm. 
What’s your strategy? What are five things that you can do in the moment of overwhelm that will help you? 
Make a list, it could include: 
Go for a walk 
Take some time out 
Call a friend 
Do something that changes your environment, that distracts you from the pattern of going into a downward spiral. 
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About Cassie 
Cassie delivers success coaching for personal and business success. Discussing what your goals are, the steps towards achieving those goals and what to do when you get there! What comes next?! 
Cassie works with entrepreneurs, start-ups and established small business owners to help them navigate their way to achievement, fulfilment and a sustainable level of rewards. Through group coaching, events and public speaking Cassie works with groups and individuals to build on existing successes or help to get new business owners using their talent effectively to secure those much-needed sales and strategies for starting from the beginning in business ownership. 
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