As small business owners we take it all on; the responsibility of our financial success, personal success and everything in between, we own it. 
Whether you are at the beginning of your business start-up journey, or you have been on the path for many years, growing your business, or diversifying into new revenue streams, there is no doubt that at stages in your life you will feel stressed. 
Maybe something has gone wrong, you have a huge decision to make, or you just generally have a lot to juggle from remembering PE kits on the right day to sitting down in a boardroom of seasoned professionals for the sales meeting that could change everything (no pressure). 
Cassie Footman Clarity Business and Personal Coach, blogger and speaker
Finances, home life, just being a busy person as well as running a business are all relevant factors which can create stress in our daily lives. What we must be aware of is... 
Stress leads to burnout 
“Stress” is a relative term as it relates to our life. Contrary to the popular phrase I’m too blessed to be stressed, we are often stressed-out more than we are aware of because it becomes a constant state of being. Stress leads to burnout, and the best prevention for burnout is self-awareness and taking action to de-stress regularly. 
Managing stressful situations effectively 
At some point in our lives, we morph from carefree children to stress-filled adults - adults who have expectations and demands that pull them every-which-way. It is not always possible or practical to completely remove yourself from every stressful situation, but there is opportunity to build coping skills that diminish the impact that stress has on your life. 
Each of us lives a unique life filled with unique experiences, so our stress relief needs are going to be unique as well. Here’s how to craft your own tailor-made de-stress plan: 
Identify what causes your stress 
What is the culprit robbing you of your peace? Is it a person, an activity, or an element of your life? As obvious as it might sound identify what causes you stress. What is the root cause, beneath the surface, what is the real cause? Not what is happening right now this second, but where is it actually coming from? 
The more dialed in you are to the details, the better. Once you know the root cause of your stress, you can set about finding ways to compensate for the pressure, fatigue, or burnout you are experiencing. 
Apply your favorite de-stress activity 
Each of us has our own unique way to decompress from life. Your favorite may be an activity like listening to music or walking the dog. Your partner may enjoy running or growing vegetables. The neighbour may collect antiques, and your teen may like to zone out playing video games. Everyone has something that helps them when they feel stressed. Experiment to find yours, then make it an essential part of your life. 
The keys to getting great decompression results are the frequency and combination of your stress-reducing activities. Build time for decompressing into your daily, weekly and monthly schedule, take time away from the office, even if it just scheduling in a coffee break to your diary to not be interrupted. The more you do to compensate for your life’s stress, the better command you have of avoiding burnout and maintaining your mental wellness. 
Need help narrowing down ideas? 
Try These: 
● Take up a new hobby 
● Join a gym 
● Find a meetup group in your area on 
● Volunteer 
● Try yoga 
● Get a massage 
● Journal 
● Take a walk 
● Feed the ducks in the park 
There is a difference between being busy and stressed 
Burnout is caused by prolonged stress, which is why you need to act now. If you are feeling stressed, it won’t just go away by itself. Burnout takes away your energy, your motivation and can lead to negative feelings, hopelessness and cynicism. Burnout can show itself in your work and home life, even affecting your health, you could find yourself with a cold or two. 
Stress less 
Some stress will always be unavoidable. You may never be completely stressless, but you can stress less by taking deliberate action to decompress on a regular basis. 
Your mind, body, family & business will thank you! 
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