Are you in the right environment to make decisions and take action in your business?  
Are you stuck in the middle? Daily fire-fighting, working through a never ending task list of minor issues, but not stopping to look at the overall picture and lead your business in the right direction?  
This blog is coming to you from the Millionaire Business Builder program in Morocco, some of you ask me what happens when we are out on location with clients, here is a sneaky peak... 
I just wanted to share a little bit about what we’ve been doing here in Morocco. Yes, I’m in Morocco at the moment! I am just outside of Marrakesh and I will give you an insight into what has been happening since we arrived. 
I am here with my colleagues Mac Attram (best-selling coach, author and entrepreneur) and Owen Denman (Business Strategist) delivering an amazing coaching program for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The program is the Millionaire Business Builder program, and that’s exactly what we’re doing, helping people to build their businesses so that they can live a better life, and also helping them to really make the difference in the world that they want to make. 
A lot of entrepreneurs want to make a big difference, but they’re not able to. 
What are some of the things we’re been focusing on so far? 
The first day we have been focusing on identity, on the individual’s personal growth. Looking at their mission: Why are you here? What is it you’re here to do? What is the vision? What does that look like? But also, importantly, who are you? Who are you as a business owner? Who do you want to become? Because in order to actually have what it is you want to have, and to make that difference that you want to make, it’s really important to become that person first. 
A lot of the processes that we’re taking people through, when we’re looking at enhancing, improving and growing their businesses, they’re quite simple things. The hardest thing for people when it actually comes to their business is working on themselves. 
Personal and business growth go hand in hand 
If you want to develop a business and you want to grow a business, you yourself must grow first, otherwise the business is not going to grow. Yesterday we spent a whole day focusing on people. Helping them to understand their individual genius so they can play to their strengths. We also looked at who are the key members in their team that will support and enable them to be at their best? 
We discussed the importance of a high level of trust in the team, within the organisation and within the marketplace as well. 
We have quite quickly had some really interesting learnings from people taking part in the program. We have somebody who had realised within their team, they have a big, big gap. Which is actually why they are struggling in a particular area of their business. Something that I am working with them on, we have identified the gap and put the steps in place that they need to take to move forward. 
So why are we here in Marrakesh? 
Crucially, what we find is that most business owners don’t take themselves out of the day to day stuff in order to work on their business. They try to work on their business at the same time as doing their business, but it doesn’t quite work out. 
You need to be able to take yourself away from the environment, into a different environment, to allow yourself to have that space to think. 
So many people lead incredibly busy lives trying to fit everything in, so there’s no space to think, no space to reflect, no space to work out and come up with innovative solutions. Here we provide the environment where they’re able to do that. 
Here you can’t disappear, there is nowhere to go and hide. Sometimes we get stuck, it can be so difficult that if you are at home you can bury your head in the sand or distract yourself with something else. You can’t do that here, we’re pushing through those walls and supporting people in their learning and their growth to overcome these obstacles. 
Today has all been about the important subject of branding. We have been working with individuals to really identify their brand, their ideal clients, their ideal customers and we’ll move onto sales tomorrow. The program will finish with presenting their businesses and developing their plans for the next 12 months. 
I love doing these programs, they are such good fun, I get to meet really awesome people, everybody has their own amazing story, and such amazing gifts. For me, I think the important thing is, if I can help somebody to create a better business, so they can create a better life, then ultimately, they can also make a bigger difference in the world, then that’s really something special to be involved in. 
Ask yourself; what environment do you need to be in for you to be at your best? What environment do you need to be in to produce or to concentrate on whatever it is that you are focusing on at that time. 
This blog is inspired by a Facebook Live Video posted 30th January 2019. 
If you would like to find out more about the upcoming events including the Millionaire Business Builder Marrakesh and Bali please keep an eye on the Events page
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