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If I’d heard years ago, somebody say in order to get on in life, it’s really important to love yourself more I’d have thought; ‘you’re crazy, what are you talking about?’ But actually over the years I’ve come to understand how important it is for you to love yourself. 
I was brought up in a loving environment, but the love was always there to give to everybody else, you never gave love to yourself. You never put yourself first, because that would be seen as being selfish, and I am sure there are many people reading this who were also brought up an environment where you have to give to everybody else, and if you put yourself first that’s selfish.  
But is it really? I’ve come to learn what is a massive learning curve for me; if I love myself first, then actually, I can give so much more to everybody else. 
If it’s the word ‘love’ people are struggling with, going from not loving yourself to loving yourself is a massive leap. So maybe go from love to accept, so go to accept yourself first, if you can accept yourself for who you are, warts and all, then you can go one step closer and be more compassionate to yourself, be nice to yourself and then move closer to liking yourself, because you’ve accepted yourself. 
And then maybe later on down the line you can learn to love yourself. 
This blog is inspired by a Facebook Live Video. To take a look at more videos from Cassie, check out Cassie Footman - Success Coach
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Cassie delivers success coaching for personal and business success. Discussing what your goals are, the steps towards achieving those goals and what to do when you get there! What comes next?! 
Cassie works with entrepreneurs, start-ups and established small business owners to help them navigate their way to achievement, fulfilment and a sustainable level of rewards. Through group coaching, events and public speaking Cassie works with groups and individuals to build on existing successes or help to get new business owners using their talent effectively to secure those much-needed sales and strategies for starting from the beginning in business ownership. 

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