Building a brilliant team is one of the keys to business success. 
How can you ensure you get the right people on board to support you and your business?  
What do you need to consider? How can you prepare for finding the right team? 
Here I will discuss strategies for taking care of all of that...  
Cassie Footman Clarity Business and Personal Coach, blogger and speaker
What does your team need? 
The best way to build a team around you is to really understand what it is that you’re looking to achieve. What are the outcomes? What is your mission, what is your vision? This will enable you to understand what the desired outcomes will be from this team. 
What is your role in the team? 
When you understand what your purpose and your mission are, then it’s about understanding you. Who are you? What are your skills? What are your strengths? If you were to play to your strengths, what role would you take? 
Look at your role, what game are you playing? So, we all play a game, whether it be the game of life or the game of business. Whatever game, whatever label we choose to put on our game. In the game of football, what position are you playing on the team as the lead? Are you the coach? Are you the manager? 
Let’s say you’re the manager, because you’re running the team. What team players do you need in order to get the result that you want? What positions do they need to play? To understand whether you’re putting the right person in the right position, you need to understand that person. 
What do you need to know? 
I would wholeheartedly recommend that you take some kind of an analysis or a test. A test that I do with my team is called talent dynamics, there’s lots of them out there, no one is any better than the other, but it’s about getting information about that person. 
The key information that I would suggest that you need, when you’re building an effective team is how do people play to their strengths? Do you have a position where they’re able to play to their strengths? 
So, for example, if somebody is really good at building relationships with people, starting conversations, having negotiations, then put them in a business development role, don’t put them in the accounts team. Having a square peg in a round hole can cause a problem for your business. Put people in the right place. 
Team values 
The second really important thing is that their values align with your values. We could put a business development manager into a business development role, but their values might not align with the business. In which case, their heart isn’t going to be in it. 
And finally, something critical to have in place with any team, but especially when you’re a team of one is to have a code of honour in place. It’s not a code of conduct which tells people off, it’s a code of honour which is a way of living out those values. The code of honour should be something that brings the team together, that the team are very clear on the principles of behaviour. 
This outlines the way we expect things to be and ensures that we do we what we say we’re going to. The really important thing about the code of honour in place, is that it’s called, if somebody isn’t playing to those rules, that we keep them accountable. 
All of this has to be done in a way where somebody’s self-concept, inside of them, is looked after, not shot into lots of pieces. If you look after people, help them play to their strengths, create that environment (which is what that code of honour will do). Creating an environment where people will do whatever it takes, because they’re in a supporting environment.  
Now you can create a championship team
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