Cassie explores the importance of a strong business context and the reality that your business will only grow as much as you do. 
What can happen if you have a weak business context? 
How does your personal development affect your business? 
Cassie Footman Clarity Business and Personal Coach, blogger and speaker
Your business will only grow as much as you do. 
You’ve probably seen recently that I’ve published lots of videos around personal development, on how you can actually grow yourself. Now I just wanted to share with you that personal development is really important, especially when it comes down to running a business, because let’s be honest your business will actually only grow as much as you do. Therefore, personal development is hugely important. 
However, so is business development, so while you’re working on yourself, I also help people to work on their business at the same time. As well as doing the business development; which might be looking at sales, mission, looking at vision, the most important thing around business development is helping you to develop a really strong context in your business. 
What if you have a weak business context? 
If you have a weak context, if something happens in the marketplace, your business will be greatly affected. It’ll either have a big impact on your business and you’ll have to make some big changes, maybe some cuts in your business, or changes in the environment can actually make your business fold overnight. Now I want to avoid that happening, and the easiest way of doing that is focusing on having a really strong business context. 
The other really important aspect, when it comes to growth, growing your business and growing yourself personally is accountability. Without accountability you won’t actually get done what you need to get done. Or, it’s quite possible that you’ll give up perhaps earlier than you would do if you had somebody working alongside you. 
Does personal development really affect your business? 
When I work with people I bring personal development and business development together with a real high level of accountability. It’s clients like my client Julie, who recently experienced an increase in her revenue by three times. She tripled her revenue in just 12 months, which is amazing. Not only that, as a result of all the changes she’s made within her business, in her team, also personally, along with the high level of accountability that she’s had from me, she’s also set to double her revenue again this coming year, which is fantastic! 
So working on your personal development, your business development and having a high level of accountability can bring you massive results.  
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Cassie delivers success coaching for personal and business success. Discussing what your goals are, the steps towards achieving those goals and what to do when you get there! What comes next?! 
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