How easy to you find it to focus? Have you even given it a second thought? 
Are you a natural multi-tasker, spending your time spinning a whole load of plates?  
This blog from Cassie might give you a few things to think about... 
Cassie Footman Clarity Business and Personal Coach, blogger and speaker
Why do we have difficulty focusing on just one thing? 
It’s a really, really interesting subject. 
So many people that I come across, not just through my work, but also day to day, are juggling so many things. We just live such busy lives which leads to one of the key problems and issues that I see that arising with many people that I end up working, this is an inability to focus. 
This is really common these days and it’s certainly something that I really have to work on myself. My question is, how focused are you? 
How do you find focusing on one thing? Is it easy for you? For some people it might be, but we are all very different. Then there will be other types of people who actually find it really, really difficult. They’ll start one thing, and then before they know it they’ve had a thought that’s taken them off, veered them off in a very different direction and then they’ve gone off to another thing. 
You’ll probably get a good idea as to how focused you are when you look at your computer screen and you look at how many tabs you have open. How present are you with the task that you’re doing, or the person that you’re speaking to? Are you one of those people that sits in a meeting during the day with a bunch of people, when you’re in the meeting, you’re physically in the meeting, but mentaly you’ve checked out and you’re actually somewhere else? 
This can happen to all of us, it’s quite a dangerous thing. If you think about it, it can play out in all sorts of different ways. In one scenario you might be driving your car and before you know it, you’re a mile down the road and you’ve actually forgotten the journey, and that part of the stretch of the road that you’ve just driven along. What are you missing? 
So it’s really about knowing and understanding, being aware of what you’re focusing on, so clarity is very important. At the end of the day we can take this a little bit too far, we can end up having an impact on ourselves with this is. It’s all about accepting who we are and learning how to work with that. 
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