With the conflict of different identities, I’ve realised my daughter is now in year 9, she’s 13, she’s going to be 14 this school year. She wants to go to University, so she will probably be 18 then. So potentially, I’ve only got four summers left. Four summers! 
How can you create an environment which can satisfy your commitment to your business and your family? 
Cassie Footman Clarity Business and Personal Coach, blogger and speaker
I want to make sure, that those four summers are absolutely terrific summers, I want to make sure that I’m there for her as much as I am for my son as well, but I know he’s going to hang around a little bit longer, because he’s a couple of years younger than her. 
But I really want to design things and have things designed in a way, that achieves what we want to achieve. So, I’ve started to think about, what do I want out of my business? Not just about what do I want to give my clients, and how do I want to help people, but actually how do I want to help myself? 
How do I want to create the right environment for me to be able to spend the summers with my children, and the other school holidays as well I might add? Is it possible to create a business model that allows that? And actually, yes, it is. 
So I’m starting to think about the different mix that I want for my business. Not follow and do what everyone else does, because that’s right for them, it’s not right for me. 
Let me ask you, is the mix that you have, whether it be in your career or in your business, is it the right mix for you? Are you getting the right time that you want? Are you getting the income that you want? Are you getting a connection with people that you want? Are you perhaps the expert that you want to be? Or maybe you don’t want to be an expert maybe you want to be something else? 
But the more you can get clear about your conditions for success, to create the best environment for you, then you’ll be able to consciously create what will be a magical thing for the future that will enable you to deliver exactly what you want. 
This blog has been inspired by a Facebook Live video published to Cassie's Facebook page
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